Monday, August 14, 2017

I'd Love To Have a Gazebo!

A gazebo is attractive... and a wonderful addition to a garden or park.

We enjoy them and their beauty and have dreamed of having one in our garden. We still talk of it, but it just doesn't seem that important any more... life is so full and rich... and busy!  We so enjoy our family and our gardens and yard.

How nice, though, to see and enjoy this one. 

 We have talked of putting one in our yard or garden, but haven't...we don't have the time or the money or the space for one.

I haven't even considered having a gazebo for the last few years...  I haven't cared that much, but I still had that old dream of having a gazebo "someday".

We were on a trip to visit family and saw this beautiful gazebo in a park.  My husband pointed it out to me since he knew I loved them. I was surprised to notice that it was pretty, but I was more interested in the bridge, the river, the river barge and more.

The view of the bridge and the river from the gazebo was appealing.

 The beauty of the gazebo can nicely frame a scene like the one shown here.

 This gazebo isn't as ornate as some, but I do like it just like it is. It is pretty, but not overdone and it fit the location.

I love this picture of the gazebo and my husband as he was walking away from it and heading back to our kids who were at the river.

It was fun to have a pretty place to sit and enjoy the view.  Maybe one day we will put one on our property, although I am content to enjoy them at other locations.

I also realize that even a small gazebo would seem quite large on our little 1/4 acre property.... and I would choose NOT to have one. Isn't it interesting how our dreams can change?  I would much rather have some room for my kids and neighbor kids to play in the yard...  or to have gardens and a bench than to have a large structure out there.

What a blessing to see a gazebo... and enjoy it... and get pictures.  I will continue to enjoy them while also being thankful that I do not have one of my own. Years ago, I wouldn't have been able to say that because I REALLY wanted to have a gazebo. Now, I have to say that I don't really care if I ever have a gazebo or not... there are so many more important things in my life now and a gazebo doesn't really matter that much although I can still enjoy them.

I wonder what else there is that I have "always wanted" and think I would "love to have"... but is no longer that important to me. Maybe it would be helpful to review our dreams... and sift through them.... and discard the ones that don't apply anymore... and learn to be content and happy with what we do have.

Could it be that God wants us to abandon some of our old dreams, so that He can give us new ones or allow us to really see the dreams He has already provided?

Thank you for visiting... I hope you have a wonderful week.

"The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad."  Psalm 126:3

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

5 More Fruit and Herb Waters

 We are sure enjoying the Fruit and Herb Waters we have been making lately. The last post was:

4 Great Fruit and Herb Waters (this is a link)

 After trying these 4 fruit and herb waters... and enjoying them... I kept experimenting and came up with 5 more. Here are the five.............

 Peach, Ginger and Basil Water....  We really enjoyed this one and they loved eating the peaches out of the drink after it was done also. 

 Grapefruit, Tumeric and Dill Water............ This one was loved by several in the family. Though I loved the smell of this water, it was a bit strong for one of our daughters and for me, but it was good. My husband LOVED this one. I was glad he did since the tumeric in it (those pieces that look like carrot slices) are great for inflammation and he is needing that for his knee.

I did like the dill.... I love dill and eat it raw.... and love the young seeds raw also, so I plan to try dill in another water mix to find one that I like better.  🙂

 Kiwi, Ginger and Basil.... this one tasted good, but we found it is better not to let this one sit as long. It tastes better when used soon.

 Lemon and Lavender.....  I am not fond of the taste lavender, so was a bit skeptical on this one, but I have fresh lavender and wanted to try it... and it sounded good with lemon. This was really good... such a fresh taste and the lavender was light, not heavy. We all really liked this one. If you love the taste of lavender already, you could add a lot more of it. 

 Cherry and Thyme.... this was a last minute idea.... I had found cherries on sale and they are a pretty color and loved by the family, so I decided to try it. I haven't used thyme yet for the waters, so I put thyme with it. It was good, but next time I would put more cherries in it. My husband loved this one too.

I think he liked most of the waters and loved a lot of them. I am so glad I can make these for him... he has a bit of an aversion to drinking a lot of plain water and he is trying to stay away from sugary drinks.

I really do like the fruit and herb waters. I like that we can have water with flavor sometimes... (this is REALLY big to my husband!)... and that we can get extra nutrition. There is such a variety of possibilities too.  Have you been enjoying such waters? Are you making your own? Have you come up with a combination you really like? I would love to hear from you in the comments. I hope you have a great week.

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