Sunday, April 23, 2017

Family Room Project-Fireplace Update

 The brass fireplace front looked really dated, so when we were doing our huge family room project, I asked my husband if we could also paint this. He was hesitant, but he reluctantly agreed.

The new paint was looking really nice and then it was time to do the fireplace. Our sons removed the brass front. We saved the insulation(you can see it in this picture) and re-used it when we replaced the front.

 One of our sons covered all of the glass in the fireplace front....he did such a good job of covering each of the 4 panels.

We used steel wool to rough up the brass a bit so the paint would hold well, and then  we took it out and put it on the gravel walkway for painting.

We needed to use a high heat paint because it is a fireplace front... this is the one we used although there are other brands that should work just as well.


 We sprayed it.. and it dried really fast as you can see here. We needed to cover the front, top, sides, etc, so we painted from various angles and let it dry.

 On one section, the paint bubbled and wiped right off and I realized some wax had gotten on there. We carefully wiped all of the paint off those areas and used steel wool again.

Then we re-painted.

This was the step that really made appreciate our son's careful taping of those windows. We moved the glass to various positions and painted so that every area of the brass would be covered.

We moved around and sprayed from different angles... another son and I did this step and it helped to wait for it to dry and then look... sometimes it was a bit hard to see what needed a little more paint, so having 2 of us on this step helped.

 Time to add the newly painted fireplace front to the newly painted fireplace..........

 We all agreed that we liked it much better than the old brass. It is amazing how much one small part of a project can help change the look and feel of a room.

This was especially nice since my husband had been quite skeptical and I had really hoped he would like it!

When our oldest son, who lives on his own, visited, he was surprised at what a difference this had made. That felt good too. :) 

 Overall, it has been a good project. It was a lot of work, but we have really enjoyed the results. If you missed other posts in the series, I am including the links to them here:

Family Room Project-Adding Built-In Bookshelves

Family Room Project-Paint Change

Family Room Project-Ceiling Design

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great week.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunshine Eggs!

I grew up knowing that these were called Deviled Eggs, but when we had little children, I didn't want to serve "Deviled" eggs, so we changed the name to..... SUNSHINE EGGS!

It stuck... and over the years the kids have always known them as sunshine eggs. It has been funny to hear people at church dinners or family dinners tell that they started calling them Sunshine Eggs because they heard it from our family.

We make them just like deviled eggs are made... with some dressing, mustard, salt and pepper. Sometimes we sprinkle some paprika on top for color.

They are tasty and we don't even think about the oddity of calling them "Sunshine Eggs" anymore.

 Whatever you call them, they taste great! :)

So, if you hear someone talking about Sunshine Eggs, now you will know what they mean, or at least that's what it means w hen we say that name!

By the way, we also changed Devil's Food Cake.... to Chocolate Cake..... just didn't want to give the devil any attention... not even with the name. It may seem silly, but that's what we did in our family.... and it has lasted well.  :) 

Thank you for visiting. Do you have names for foods in your home that are not the "normal" ones? Feel free to share them in the comments... I would love to see them.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Family Room Project: Ceiling Design

 The family room project was a big project....

we added new built in bookshelves:

Family Room Project: Adding Built In Bookshelves

 we scraped the old popcorn ceiling off... what a job.

Family Room Project: Paint Change

 You can see that we have started painting the ceiling and the walls... it is nice to start so that we can get an idea of what it will look like.

 Okay... walls are painted, ceiling is painted and we are still working on the backs of the bookshelves.

It is so nice to have fresh clean paint and a new updated color combination.

 There is a trim board around the top of the walls... and we painted it white to match the ceiling.

 It bothered me, though.... just looked a bit... boring.... so started the process of trying to come up with ... something to make it better.

  First of all,  I decided to put a 4" strip of paint... the wall paint color... around the ceiling.  Hmmm.... that was better... and the funny thing is that from certain angles, the ceiling looked taller. It was just a visual effect, but nice anyway.

Lots of work, but worth it, BUT on the one long wall, I was horrified to see that the line looked crooked. Oh no! I had been using a wood yard stick as my straight edge... and figured out that it wasn't really straight. What to do???  I was all done and didn't want to re-do it.

I looked through my stencils and found one that waved back and forth...  I chose that with the idea that going from the white to the pale green and back, the edge would not be as visible and maybe the crooked part wouldn't show.

It worked... the design distracted from the other and it is very hard to even find the crooked part now!

 An added plus was that we liked the design... and it make our family room project quite unique. Just a little touch of my creativity which we are all enjoying.

The project was coming along....  and we were liking it. I love it when a plan develops and works out. I many times am inspired after doing one thing... then another can seem do-able. I start with a plan, but I know it is VERY possible that the plan will change... and be better, by the time we are through with it.

This one was a success, at least up to this point. I had another idea that I wasn't sure how it would work.... I will tell you about that in a future post. Have you painted your ceilings? Do you like the look of painted ceilings? I look forward to reading your comments.....  It's a new thing for me... SO glad to get rid of the popcorn ceiling so that now we can paint the ceilings, although I don't plan to paint them as often as we paint the walls.  :)

Thank you for visiting...  More of the Family Room Project to come.

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