Saturday, January 18, 2014

A GALLON of Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving Dinner?????

My husband and I have several children and they like to eat.....a LOT!  Well, I found a gallon can of cranberry sauce on sale, so I bought it, thinking I could use it for cranberry bread.  It really is a good deal, so I was glad to get it. I paid $3.00 for a gallon can at the Dutch Mennonite store.

Wow! That is a lot of cranberry sauce!

 Well, my kids had an idea..............instead of using that little can of cranberry sauce.........they wanted to use the BIG can, for Thanksgiving Dinner. After laughing with them about it, I agreed. :)

This is a 9" x 13" pan that I am slicing it in. They really wanted it to be sliced, just like we would slice it when it was a smaller can.

The slicing went well at first, although I had to use a large knife.

After slicing about half of it, I ran into a problem as it was filling the pan too fast.............

I moved it over and finished slicing and this is what it looked like..........they LOVED it. :)

They wanted to have a picture of the cranberry sauce WITH the turkey, so here it the way, that is a 21 1/2 pound turkey!!! As you can see, there is a LOT of cranberry sauce.

I found out that the boys also wanted to have a WHOLE slice, so we allowed it and they loved it.

This is what we had for Thanksgiving Dinner......

This was my plate and I only had 1/4 of a slice of cranberry sauce....I should have taken a picture of a plate with the big slice.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner and it will go down in our family history as the year we had the huge slices of cranberry sauce. It really is fun to do things like this sometimes.........they mean so much to the kids and they build such fun memories. :)

I also made Cranberry Bread using the rest of the cranberry sauce. I did limit the guys on how much they had - only 1 big slice that day and another the next day...... and we had almost 1/2 gallon left. A day or so later, I combined that with a couple of bags of whole fresh cranberries and made lots of cranberry bread - I think it was 7 little loaves and 7 big loaves. I'm sorry there are no pictures of the bread.....but it was really good. My husband thought it was cherry bread and he LOVES cherries, so it was a hit.

One of our favorite ways to eat cranberry bread is to put cream cheese between 2 slices and have it for breakfast or snack. Yum.

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  1. Mmmm.........That looks really good! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is really tasty - We like to have it for a quick breakfast on the road when necessary or it makes a great snack. Cream cheese also tastes good with banana bread, pumpkin bread or other sweet you can tell, my family likes cream cheese! :)