Monday, July 21, 2014

Project In Progress- Any Ideas?

It seems we always try to make just a little more room in our house.... change just a bit more.... Well, we have some short walls with spindles.... and we have liked them, but after 18 years here, we are ready for them to be gone.... and we have talked about removing them. The problem is that we didn't know if we could remove them and have the ceiling still be supported enough.

After a visit over the weekend from my brother who is a builder, we decided the spindles could leave! Actually the walls can go too, BUT the two half walls by the front door both have electricity in them (in the form of light switches and outlets) which is too much of a challenge for us right now. Also a few years ago, we put hardwood floors in... and we love them. Tearing out those walls would mean having to piece in hardwood pieces to match.... under where four walls are right now, which is also beyond our ability and time. We try to do work ourselves and not have to pay big bucks to do projects, so we aren't taking the walls least not right now. :)

We did take the spindles out.... and I LOVE it.... it opens things up a lot.... and it looks different..... although now those half walls really seem to be in the way.

I don't know why, but we seem to be more aware of the walls and are bothered by them.... like they look incomplete. Maybe it is just needing to get used to it.... and we haven't repainted yet, either.

This was not a planned project, but it is so fun to make changes to the house.... little things CAN make a big difference and it can be so encouraging. I know that this makes me feel the need to rearrange! (My guys grumble a bit when I want to rearrange since they are the muscle for the big items, like the piano.  :)  Anyway, normally I wouldn't share this until we have it all figured out.... and just the way we want it.... and this is really only a work in progress as we really don't know WHAT we will do to finish this project. Today, one son suggested modifying the walls so they are out of the way visually, but are still at the floor level so we don't have to change the flooring.... maybe making a bench or something..... Hmmmm.

While my brother was here, we also discussed ideas about the decks, windows, an unfinished walkway and more. It helps to have his professional opinion and advice.... and his creative ideas.  Of course, what we REALLY want to do is to move to a house with more property, but for now, we are here and we can continue to make improvements as we can afford the time and the money and this house just gets nicer and nicer. :)

So, this job is not complete.... not sure what else we will do to it, but this is where we are now... content with where God has us and excited about the possibilities! Thank you for visiting my blog today and if you have any ideas about those half walls, we would love to hear them.

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  1. Don't you just love making little changes to freshen things up. I'm a contributor at the designHappy HomeGoods blog . . . and my personal site - Counting My Blessings. I like the quaint feel your half-walls give and agree taking the spindles out opens things up. I'm a new visitor from Monday Musings - it's nice to meet you.

    1. I do... even little things can really brighten my outlook on caring for our home. :)
      We just need to figure out how to use those half walls to advantage - right now they feel rather "odd", but I do love the openness. Thank you for visiting and it is nice to meet you also. :)

  2. We also love frugal home projects around here too. Right now hubby is redoing the pantry area (with seconds wood) and I am so excited! Your bit of construction has really opened up space :)

    P.S. Would love for you to join our link up this week Joy!

    1. A re-do of the pantry sounds so helpful and when we did ours a few years ago, it was a HUGE help and we are still benefiting from it. Thank you for visiting. :)

  3. Hi I'm visiting from the Wednesday link up. I love the idea of a bench, but as someone who lacks a book case what about a built in book shelf?

    1. Great idea, although my husband may say we already have too many bookcases in the house! :) - We also considered a short shelf unit by the door for boots in the winter (we NEVER know where to put all of those.) Thank you for visiting.

  4. I think it looks so much better with those spindles gone. It really opened things up. I'd just repaint and leave it as is.

    1. It did... and that is probably what we will do, but we haven't done it yet... too many things on that To Do List. :) Thank you for visiting.

  5. What a great idea to remove the spindles! I agree, it does open up the space. :) Great job!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. We like it more and more.... and the walls aren't bothering as much as they did at first, so we will probably just paint. :) Thank you for visiting

  6. It looks great! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the rest. Thanks for sharing with the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

    1. It is so fun to change something in the house... just seems to spur on more interest in making the house look great! :) Thank you for visiting.