Monday, August 12, 2019

Running the Race....

Life has so many difficulties, yet God is always faithful. We are running...
running a race...

a race that is bigger than us and our concerns
a race that is very important
and a race that God has allowed us to run, so He will equip us.

No, it doesn't mean it is easy and sometimes it is terribly hard.
Carrying extra burdens makes it harder.
Maybe we have some burdens, some "weights" to set aside.

Are we carrying worries, fears, regrets, disappointments, sadness, anger, other emotions... complacency, bitterness, selfishness, desire for stuff, dissatisfaction and more?
Even one extra "weight" can hinder and many of them can disable us.

Those that hinder us in our "race" are not good for us.
Maybe it is time to deal with those.
Not an easy thing, but definitely worth it.

     I want to honor God in how I run this race... and I hope you do too. I would love to hear from you
in the comments. Are you in a difficult "race"?  Have you set aside some "weights"? Are there some you still need to set aside?

                   I hope you see God's hand in your life... even in the midst of difficulty.
                                                What an amazing God we serve.

                                                     Thank you for visiting today.

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