Saturday, September 26, 2015

Money-Saving Tip for DOORS

  We all have doors and they tend to be used a lot.... especially in a home like ours where there is a big family. Those door latches really get a workout and we expect them to keep working well.

  Once in a while, the hinges may start to squeak and it is easy to oil them and stop the squeak.... thankfully.

Other problems can also arise... like having trouble getting the key into the lock... or getting the key to turn and unlock the door. Did you know that the problem can many times be solved very simply by just lubricating the lock?  Just spray the lubricant into the lock, put the key in and work it a bit... maybe repeat... and it can work great again.

This has worked on different types of locks... and it works great.

Sometimes the latch can stick also... and with a bit of lubrication added and then moving the handle back and forth, it can start to work smoothly again.

I knew these things... after all, I grew up with a dad who can fix "anything".  His way of doing things is rapidly becoming rare and will eventually become extinct, though.  We live in a culture of "throw it away and buy a new one".  Though I resist that thought, it has actually become something that is hard to avoid as it can be more expensive to fix some things anymore than it is to just buy a new one. Also, many times we don't know how to fix whatever it is on our own, so we give in and buy a new one.  Sigh.

We have had a door knob on the bathroom door that would sometimes lock when the door shut.... not just when we actually locked it. This knob didn't have a key, only a button that turned to lock or unlock... It worked most of the time, but sometimes needed to be turned a couple of times to work.

 This was a bit frustrating, but it worked... until the day we faced an uncertain length of stay in that bathroom since the lock engaged and would NOT disengage, no matter how many times we turned that handle or the lock button.  After a few moments of panic, it finally opened. Whew.  I immediately put some strong tape over the latch to hold it in and keep the door from latching again.  It became urgent to get a new doorknob.... but since this was the master bathroom, not the main one, we used it that way for a few days.

Then, my parents visited... and Dad noticed the tape and asked if there was a problem, so we explained. He said he could probably fix it, but we doubted it this time.... we had given that door knob enough chances! We humored Dad though.... and he fixed it.  He said it just needed a little lubrication... or a lot of it in this case. He sprayed it into the latch area and around the lock area and moved the parts until they worked smoothly again.   I hadn't known the lubricating would help the door lock on this type of door as well, but it did... and it saved us the cost of a new door knob.

Dad said this is the stuff he likes to use... no, I am not selling it, nor am I getting anything for showing this brand.... just sharing what my Dad has found works well for him. I am thankful to know that and not have to shop around on my own for a good product.

I plan to buy a can for our house... and I am thinking it would be a good idea to periodically lubricate the door latches and locks as a preventative measure to keep them working well for a long time. I like that thought better than waiting until we are locked in... or out... of someplace.  :)

 I thought this may be of help to some of you also.  I know I sure appreciate those little tips that save money here and there. Thank you for visiting... and I hope you have a great week.

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